Cargo Carriers Stop Hassle From Road Trips


Time to start thinking about the family vacation road trip. While you are considering the where to, remember to consider the how to, and you will be glad you did.

Don’t make this year’s vacation a hassle. Consider the passengers and the importance of added interior room.

If your family needs to crawl over luggage to get to the back seat or can’t find leg room because Tommy’s bike needs the space, then shame on you.

It does not need to be that way. With a little planning. you can equip your suv with outside the vehicle storage and give your passengers some breathing room.

Imagine looking in the rear view mirror to check back seat activity. You see smiling faces rather than contorted bodies accomodating necessary traveling cargo. Isn’t that worth something?

Give yourself some time before the trip. Find a luggage carrier that meets the family requirements and enjoy your trip without the hassles.

Here is what you do. Determine if your vehicle will accomodate a rooftop cargo carrier. Does the vehicle have a roof top rail system in place? Determine if your vehicle has a receiver hitch. Is it 1.5″ or 2″ receiver? If your vehicle needs a luggage rack
or a receiver hitch this will limit your choices or be an additional cost to the cargo carrier.

Get that travel stuff out of the vehicle and into a proper luggage carrier. When you make room for the passengers, travel is much more fun. Prepare for your trip with
outside the vehicle storage in mind and eliminate the hassles.

On your next road trip vacation spend time taking in the views rather than the complaints of no room. Make room for those passengers and enjoy the ride.

The Luggage Carrier video can be found on YouTube.

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