Bike Racks for SUVs

suv-bike-racksBy Ken Geers

Shopping for bike racks can sometimes be difficult due to the variety of designs, features and prices available in the market. Decide what your requirements are before you start shopping so that you keep your focus on what matters. Your vehicle application 1.25″ or 2″ receiver, number of bikes to carry, rack position (roof mount, hitch mount, ball mount, or spare tire mount), and durability of rack are some factors to consider. For a bike enthusiast, the bike is as precious as his suv. Match your bike carrier with your suv and that match will be a smooth travel experience.

Know Bike Carrier Requirements

As you start looking for an ideal bike rack make sure it has your necessary requirements. How many bikes will the bike carrier hold? Will it mount where it needs to mount? Do you require a fold down model or will standard work. What are your bike mounting requirements. Will the cradles accommodate your bikes. Choose the brand that will have the best look, quality, security features, and above all an affordable prize. Do not let bike manufacturer ads confuse you. Research bike racks online or ask your local dealer what his recommendation is for your requirements.

Since your main purpose of purchasing a bike rack is to make sure that your bike transports safely while you travel, the best bike rack must have multiple security features that will benefit a cyclist like you. A little investment in time for the right bike rack will give you peace of mind as you enjoy your ride in the great outdoors.

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