Big Game Commercials: Super Bowl 2013 Car Commercials on Display

Super Bowl 2013 adsBig Game Commercials: Super Bowl 2013 Car Commercials on Display

Super Bowl sets the stage for the real show: Big Game Commercials. And those commercials are in the process of getting leaked all over the web. Audi has my vote. A young man without a date for the prom. At that age it could be devastating. And by all appearances it was. Mom did the final primping, as sister sat by and added her sarcastic comments. If you miss it the first review then it is worth it to go back and view what his little sister is wearing. Notice the “Little Angel” wings. A quite statement and  funny touch.

The Dad shows up and flips the keys to the Audi and this young man’s world changed. Watch what happens next. Events that any young man would be sharing high fives with his buddies

The has made available all of these Car Commercial ads for viewing before the opening Super Bowl kickoff. Review them now and enjoy  a second time at the game. Or be aware of the ones you want to skip in lieu of getting refreshments. Enjoy the game.

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Super Bowl Ads: A Compilation Of Car Commercials For 2013’s Big Game

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