Audi 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Defines Bravery

Audi 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Defines Bravery (Video)

Think back to the earlier years of your youth. Were you ever confronted with going to the prom alone. If so you can identify what the young man is going through as he prepares for the prom with the reality of going alone. He must face the demons.

Audi does a great job in their cast of characters and the chosen props for this Super Bowl commercial. Keep an eye on the “little angel” as she snaps “no they don’t”. It is clear what role she plays in the family with her chosen prop.

The Audi 2013 Super Bowl commercial brings the young man’s pain of no date center stage as he heads for the door. Then Dad appears. Flips the young lad the keys to his Audi S6 and instantly his world changes asDad says “son have fun tonight”

From there all the cowardice sheds and by the time the Audi S6 and driver reach the school parking lot, he is really his mojo. He is feeling so good about himself, he parks in the Principal’s parking space and hears to the cafateria for the Big Dance.

[youtube][/youtube]Enjoy this 2013 Audi Super Bowl Commercial as it unwinds. Bravery never had so much fun.


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