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Bug Guard LeBra®

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Our top quality front end cover,LEBRA is the original two-piece front end cover.
  • Provides protection for your vehicle’s hood and sides
  • Designed and manufactured to OEM standards
  • Expanded vinyl stretch material and the LEBRA system of J-hooks and tabs provides a tight molded fit in all critical areas
  • Eliminates the risk of paint abrasion that can result from a loose-fitting cover
  • Underside backing is a special, knit non-abrasive material, which helps to minimize moisture absorption and maximize breathability
  • No need to remove LEBRA if it gets wet
  • No tools required for installation

  • Click below to shop a complete listing of our Saddleman LEBRA. You will find the correct one for your specific vehicle.

    AVS Chrome Hood Shield / Avalanche

    Item Price Shipping Qty
    Chrome Bug Guard 2007-2013 Avalanche #680303 $136.55 $25.00
    Chrome Bug Guard 2003-2006 Avalanche NO body cladding #680515 $136.55 $25.00
    OEM QUALITY CHROME PLATED ABS BUG DEFLECTOR/HOOD PROTECTOR compliments factory chrome trim and optional chrome trim accessories on today's new Trucks and SUVs.
    Manufactured using the same electroplating chroming process OEM suppliers use on their trim parts.
    Finish is easy to maintain and provides a durable mirror-like finish.
    The flexible ABS plastic is durable and provides protection to the hood, windshield and fender corners from rock chips and bugs.
    The full wrap-around aerodynamic styling is designed for maximum paint protection and compliments the styling of each vehicle design.
    NO-DRILL INSTALLATION utilizes oem holes whenever possible.
    Allow 2 weeks to receive this item

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    Bugflector II® / Avalanche

    Item Price Shipping Qty
    Bugflector II SMOKE 2007-2013 Avalanche #25303 $75.85 $25.00
    Bugflector II Clear 2007-2013 Avalanche #25303C $75.85 $25.00
    Bugflector II Smoke 2003-2006 NO Body molding #25815 $75.85 $25.00
    Bugflector II Smoke 2002-2006 WITH Body molding $75.85 $25.00
    Help prevent damage to the hood, windshield and fenders from bugs and stones. Installs easily with No-Drill under hood attachment &/or (depending on vehicle) with pre-applied automotive adhesive.
    The BUGFLECTOR II® is a wrap-around design offering a sleek, aerodynamic appearance.
    Car-Wash Safe
    The design permits easy hood cleaning and waxing. Made of rugged impact-modified acrylic.
    Clear can be painted to match your vehicle.
    Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    Ships Oversize Box.
    You will give complete vehicle information on final order form.

    EGR SuperGuard™/ Avalanche

    Item Price Shipping Qty Color
    2007-2013 Avalanche SuperGuard $91.24 $25.00
    2003-2006 Avalanche SuperGuard NO Body Cladding $91.24 $25.00
    2002-2006 Avalanche (WITH Body Cladding) SuperGuard Smoke Only $91.24 $25.00


    EGR's Premium Shield
    Offering protection against stone, bugs, and road debris that can damage your hood and fenders as well as giving your vehicle the ultimate aerodynamic and contoured look.
  • SuperGuard is easily installed using the advanced holding power of EGR NO-DRILL installation system
  • Computer designed and custom molded for each application the SUPERGUARD is the stylish way to protect your hood’s paintwork, while maintaining its long term value
  • Made from high quality durable impact resistant material stronger than standard acrylic applications
  • Easy off-the-hood style for easy cleaning
  • Carries manufacturers limited lifetime warranty

  • Ships as oversize box
    Your specific vehicle information will be given on final order form

    HUSKY SHIELD / Avalanche

    Item Price Shipping Qty
    2007&up Avalanche Husky Shield & Install Kit #06219 $123.15 $0.00
    Save $11.00!    Regular $134.15
    Newest Technology is Here for Paint Protection!!

    Now there is a product that provides an alternative of bug shields, bras OR door edge trim. A film protection allowing your vehicle to maintain the original look.
    HUSKY SHIELD PAINT PROTECTION FILM will protect your paint while remaining virtually invisible.

    What is Husky Shield---
  • A clear 6 mil urethane film with a self-adhesive backing
  • Tough & Durable material protects from rocks, bugs, scratches and flying debris
  • Each kit is custom made to fit the contour of your specific vehicle
  • Includes pre-cut hood AND door edge protection pieces
  • Husky Shield is UV stable, so it will not yellow over time
  • Allows your vehicle to age naturally---As your exposed paint changes, so will the paint under Husky Shield paint protection film.

  • How is Husky Shield installed---
  • Husky Shield film has an adhesive backing, so there are no ugly fasteners
  • We include Husky's installation kits that contain the installation solution, spray bottle, squeegee and a clay bar for vehicle prep
  • The clay bar is used to thoroughly clean your vehicle's paint before you cover it with the Husky Shield paint protection film
  • Each kit includes fully illustrated, detailed instructions, so you can be sure to get it right the first time

  • Maintenance---
  • You maintain your Husky Shield paint protection film the same way you maintain your vehicle's paint
  • Just wash and wax as usual--and it's okay if you're used to going to the car wash
  • Husky Shield will stand up to high pressure car washes.

  • Made in U.S.A.

    Interceptor™ Bug Guard / Avalanche

    Item Price Shipping Qty
    Interceptor Bug Guard SMOKE 2007-2013 Avalanche #18489 $94.55 $15.00
    Interceptor Bug Guard Clear 2007-2013 Avalanche #18589 $94.55 $15.00
    Interceptor Bug Guard SMOKE 2003-2006 Avalanche NO Body Hardware(no-drill installation) #18438 $94.55 $15.00
    Interceptor Bug Guard SMOKE 2002-2006 Avalanche WITH Body Hardware (no-drill installation) #18099 $94.55 $15.00
    Highest quality Wrap-around hood and fender shield which provides full length hood protection.
  • Contoured shape of this vehicle specific unique deflector wraps around the hood and fender edges for maximum protection from bugs, stone chips and road debris
  • Made from UV-stabilized, high-impact resistant polymer that won't haze
  • Mounts away from the hood so it won't scratch the paint surface and allows easy cleaning of trapped debris
  • Car wash safe
  • Clear (when available) can be spray painted by purchaser from behind to match your vehicle's color
  • Installs with low profile screws for easy mounting.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    Your specific vehicle information will be given on final order page.
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